Map of Shropshire, 1808

Baugh map of Shropshire Section including Oswestry and Ellesmere 1811


To the Right Honourable Edward Earl of Powys Lord Lieutenant and Custos Rotulorum of the Counties of Salop and Montgomery this map of Shropshire is humbly and respectfully dedicated


Cartographer: Robert BAUGH
Size: 9 sheets, each 457 mm x 457 mm. Scale: approx. 1” inch = 1 mile.
Shropshire Archives ref: CM/2/40/1
Cowling ‘Printed Maps of Shropshire’ 331

The section illustrated here includes Oswestry and Ellesmere.
Baugh was an engraver and map-maker from Montgomeryshire, who was awarded a prize by the Royal Society of Arts for this map, which was an early example of vertical mapping. It contains a large amount of information and must have been invaluable for local authority and church administration.

The county boundary is bold, marked by dots and dashes, the hundreds’ boundaries are pecked. The diocese boundaries are depicted as ooooo. The relief is shown by hachuring, with a south-east light source, so that valleys and ridges can be clearly differentiated. Rivers and streams are drawn with differing widths and the scale allows ample room for labels. Settlements are graded from farmhouses (marked with a square dot) through villages (marked with separate signs for rectories, vicarages and chapels) to towns with a mapped layout. Castles, abbeys, coal-pits and limekilns are named. Roads are shown by parallel lines; turnpikes are differentiated by one bold side and milestones and tollgates are also marked. Canals are shown as solid lines, with locks and named inclined planes. Gentlemen’s residences are depicted as are the estate boundaries.

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