Clun, 1:2500, County Series

Clun County Series OS map



Size: 1000 mm x 700 mm. Scale: 25 inches = 1 mile
Shropshire Archives ref:

This large scale series covered the whole country except for areas that were considered ‘uncultivated’ and was completed in 1890. The maps depict the landscape in fine detail and with great accuracy. Practically all man-made features are shown and hundreds of minor place names appeared on maps for the first time. The main drawback of this series is poor information on physical relief; spot heights are given, but otherwise the only indication is hachuring for near-vertical slopes, as on river banks.

The illustrated map of Clun and its environs is the north-west section of the full sheet, including the River Clun and Clun Pool and the whole of the town. It is the coloured version which was produced for some urban areas; it is hand-tinted, using blue for water, sienna for roads, red for masonry buildings and grey for buildings of wood or iron. The grid pattern of the town, built as a planned settlement outside the castle walls, is clearly seen, with its medieval bridge leading to the bridge-head settlement and church to the south. The Clun area is rural and the map shows a great variety of vegetation symbols such as furze, rough pasture, orchards, the location of individual trees, fences and hedges. Each parcel of land is numbered and the acreage is printed on the sheet. Thus this series was an important tool for conveyancing and land registration.

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