Plan of Condover Hall and Village

Plan of Condover Hall and village



Surveyors: FAREBROTHER, ELLIS, CLARK and Co. London
Size: 700 mm x 410 mm. Scale: 1 cm = c12 m
Shropshire Archives ref: D3651/B/165/38

This is one of the fold-out maps which form part of the sales particulars for the whole estate, including “The Noble Elizabethan Mansion”, 16 superior farms and the village. A second map covers the whole estate, but the one illustrated here is just the hall grounds and village, in some detail. The scale is large enough to show individual trees and garden features, different widths in the Cound Brook, bay windows in the house and outhouses in the village. The park itself is coloured pale green and all features of the estate, such as kitchen and pleasure gardens, stables, copses, carriage drives and bowling green, are depicted. Within the village is “The Small House”, a fairly large property with its own stables, pleasure gardens and tennis lawn. St Andrew’s Church, lying between the hall and the village, is central on the map. The gardens of the vicarage and all the cottages in the village are carefully drawn and each plot is numbered. These numbers are referred to in the particulars which provide important information on the function of the buildings, such as blacksmith, wheelwright, newly-built school and village reading room and also the use made of each field. All the features of the domestic management of the estate can be studied in the particulars, ranging from the water supply to the laundry cottage and drying ground. The sporting facilities of the Home Park and wider estate are also extolled.

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