A map of Salters Hall and other lands in Newport

A map of Salters Hall, Newport


together with five meadows lying in Edgemond with descriptions of the Towne and Pool


Surveyor/Cartographer: W HILL.
Size: double page of book, 550 mm x 430 mm. Scale: 1 cm = c4 m
Shropshire Archives ref: 81/599

This map is part of a larger survey bound together into a volume entitled Maps of the Manors of Longford, Newport, Edgmond and Church Aston, surveyed in 1681-1682. It is drawn in ink with blue/green, yellow, red and brown tinting. In appearance it is less elegant than later estate maps – the title is squashed into a top corner and the 16-point compass and scale bar seem over-ornate. However, it provides much detailed information, not just on the land belonging to Salter Hall, but also on the town of Newport itself. The High Street is lined with scores of houses and is shown to divide around the market house and the church. The school is drawn in a square playground. To the north-east is Newport Pool, with Newport Brook flowing from it to the west and later forming the boundary between Edgmond and Newport. Around the pool are rough indications of properties, each with the name of a owner or resident.

The property of Salter’s Hall is central in the map. Five large fields and smaller crofts and meadows are all named and outlined in yellow. To the west, in Edgmond, five further meadows are outlined in brown, named and the acreage given. Similarly in the south-east, near Newport Marsh, three further meadows are picked out. The map is accompanied by a book of reference with separate entries for each plot or tenant giving the size and value of each plot. The schedules also include some mentions of burgesses within the town, with references to the watch and the market.

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