Map of Low Town, Bridgnorth

Map of Low Town, Bridgnorth


Undated (17C or 18C?)

Cartographer: unknown
Size: 380 mm x 420 mm. Scale: not given (but quite large)
Shropshire Archives ref: 402/6

This plan is typical of a disparate group of maps that are part of document collections and which may not have been identified as maps for cataloguing purposes. They may well be part of sales particulars or in personal estate documents deposited by solicitors. Another good source of maps for sections of a town are the deposited plans, placed with the local authorities by official and semi-official bodies, such as railway or canal companies.

The map illustrated here is a large scale map of a small area of Bridgnorth, drawn in ink (faded to brown) on parchment. It has no north-point, but the River Severn is at the bottom, flowing from left to right. A highway is shown crossing the river on a bridge with four piers. The purpose of the map appears to have been connected with property ownership. One road is labelled as Low Town and between this and the river are narrow plots each with the name of the owners. The houses are carefully shaded with diagonal lines. An old river channel and the byelet are named and the acreage of the byelet is given. An old glue house and barn are drawn and one plot is labelled as a garden and orchard. A paling fence and hedge are depicted. The words ‘washing fleeces’ is written at a spot just upstream of the bridge.

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