Map of the Parish of St. Mary Magdalen in the Liberties of Bridgnorth

Spoad inclosure map


allotments in Purlogue Township


Cartographer: Charles MICKLEBURGH of Montgomery. Commissioner William Eyton
Size: 860 mm x 740 mm. Scale: not given, but large enough to show width of roads
Shropshire Archives ref: P74 (7354)

This beautiful tinted map is one of five bound into a book together with the tables of awards. Purlogue is a Township in Spoad, an upland parish in the south-west of the county. This type of map is unusual for Shropshire which has few enclosure awards of this date; much land had already been enclosed and most enclosure maps of this date are of common land or heathland. In Shropshire Archives, it lies in the Quarter Session collection, since documents based on Acts of Parliament had to be deposited with the Clerk of the Peace for the county.

To enable identification of the awards, letters are allocated to strategic points on the roads. The newly enclosed fields are numbered and tinted in five colours. Landowners of the remaining land are named. Settlements are clearly shown at this large scale and individual buildings are in black. Streams, wells, ponds and quarries are all shown. In the accompanying tables, all public carriageways and footways are listed by width and the person responsible for maintenance is named. Waterways, wells, watering places and quarries are also similarly listed. Each of the enclosures (or allotments) is detailed, with the name of the owner, nature of the land, acreage and location.

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