Map of Tong

Map of Tong


Tong Norton, the Property of Evelyn, Duke of Kingston, Knight of the Most Honourable Order of the Garter


Surveyor: J REYNOLDS
Size: 860 mm x 1010 mm. Scale: in Günter’s chains
Shropshire Archives ref: P281/V/2/2

Although in the parish collection, this looks like an estate map and is perhaps a special case where the estate and parish boundaries were identical. It is large, on parchment, carefully detailed and beautifully coloured. It appears to be a map used to aid the management of the estate and is therefore a good record of land utilisation.

Each farm is named and its borders outlined in yellow. Field boundaries are shown and the fields are labelled with their names. Different hues of green are used for cultivated fields, meadows and grassland. Different symbols are employed for open and scrubby woodland, copses, avenues of trees, hedges and orchards. Stream courses, dammed lakes, and mill ponds are shaded blue. The layout of the two villages of Tong and Tong Norton can be traced: the church is shown in perspective and the scale of the map is large enough to label yards and show cottage gardens. Owners of adjacent properties are named and parishes labelled. The parish boundary on the whole follows natural features such as stream courses and, in the north where it borders onto the Earl of Bradford’s estate, it is indicated by a paling fence with gates marked.

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