Shropshire, 1722

Robert Morden map of Shropshire



Cartographer: Robert MORDEN.
Size: 368 mm x 432 mm. Scale: approx. 1” = 5 miles.
Shropshire Archives ref: CM/2/6
Cowling ‘Printed Maps of Shropshire’ 188

Morden’s maps were noted for clear detail and fine engraving. This map was originally produced in 1695 as part of a new edition of William Camden’s Britannia, partly based on additional information from gentlemen of each county. It was reprinted five times in the 18C.

The county boundary is a pecked line, quite bold. Hundreds are marked with dotted lines, named in upright block letters. Major hills are drawn in profile, tinted brown, with shadows to the east. Rivers are shown as double lines, narrowing upstream and coloured blue. Settlements are marked by a circle and market towns have an additional depiction of a church and other buildings, tinted red. Shrewsbury is shown with a road layout. Castles are clearly drawn with 2 towers and a flagpole. Deer parks are shaded green, with a boundary of paling fence and forests are shown by groups of trees, on a base of lines representing grass. Bridges are shown by a double line or a gap in the river. For the first time roads are depicted (information taken from Ogilby’s road book of 1695) which makes it one of the most useful early maps of the county.

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