From London to Shrewsbury, continued to Welshpool, commencing at Meriden.

Antique Road Map, London to Shrewsbury


continued to Welshpool, commencing at Meriden, Plate 22


Publishers: Robert SAYER and John BENNETT
Size: 200 mm x 150 mm. Scale: 1 inch = 2 miles
Shropshire Archives ref: SA 8077

Sayer and Bennett were London map and print publishers, who acquired plates from other printers. In this case the original surveying was done by John Ogilby, who published Britannia, a road atlas of England and Wales, in 1675 in the form of strip maps. Our map is a redrawn and updated version, depicting a route in the form of 7 vertical strips. It enters Shropshire near Claverley and proceeds through Bridgnorth and Much Wenlock to Shrewsbury and then on to Welshpool. To follow the route, you start at the bottom left and work up each strip in turn.

Hilly areas are depicted in profile, with roads superimposed when passing through them. Rivers are clear blue lines. These maps were produced for coach travellers, based on particular routes, so roads were the most important feature, clearly drawn and coloured yellow. Solid black edges denote that they were lined with hedges and broken lines denote open land. Junctions are shown with the names of adjacent towns with the distance in miles. Distances from London are provided, broken down further into furlongs marked by dots. Nearby villages are named and other features visible from the road are depicted by symbols: mansion houses, castles, churches, mills and beacons.

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