Ordnance Survey Town Map

Ludlow, 1:500



Size: 9660 mm x 6440 mm. Scale: 1:500 or 1 inch = 41.66 feet.
Shropshire Archives ref: X8989/2/1

This very large scale map shows a section of Ludlow north from High Street and includes part of the town wall, three gates and the north-eastern edge of the castle. Burgages are shown along the highway to the north and beyond these is open farmland. The scale allows great detail to be shown to a resolution of 15 cm. This means that roads are drawn at an accurate width, with carriage-way and footway divided by a pecked line. Lamp posts, man-holes, gas plugs and water plugs can be identified. Individual buildings are shown with building projections and covered passageways to courtyards. For terraced buildings, separate dwellings are marked, which enables this map to be used in conjunction with census returns or directories. Many buildings and plots are labelled with their function, such as post-office, smithy or timber yard. For gardens the footpath layout is depicted, as are pumps, troughs, glass- houses and summer-houses. To show the physical relief there are spot heights and hachuring to indicate steep slopes as in the brickworks and around the castle.

The large scale and detailed labelling on this series of maps provides an enormous amount of information. We also hold maps at this scale for Shrewsbury, Wellington, Whitchurch, Oswestry and Bridgnorth. Our collection is the uncoloured version, with buildings marked with hatching.

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