Severn Valley Railway, plans and sections

Severn Valley Railway


Plans and section of proposed deviation, November, 1855. Bridgenorth Deviation, Sheet 2


Surveyor: John FOWLER. Printer: Day and Son, Lithographers to the Queen
Size: 800 mm x 570 mm. Scale: 10 cm = 20 chains; Vertical scale: 6.3 cm = 100 ft.
Shropshire Archives ref: DP365

This map comes from the collection of Deposited Parliamentary Plans, which would have been originally lodged with the local authority. It depicts a section of the projected line from the hamlet of Eardington in the west to beyond St Leonard’s Church in the east, and is bound together with the other sections. It shows the proposed railway as a black line, with a bounding area on either side, the whole being 10 chains (220 yards) wide. Along this strip all fields and plots are numbered, the buildings are depicted in plan form and the major buildings, such as the mill and church are named. The proposed tunnel in Bridgnorth, 500 yards long, is marked with a pecked line.

The deposited map is accompanied by a 1” OS map, showing the whole length of the proposed line. There is also a cross section showing the railway as a straight line, with a profile of the land surface. Roads and streams are marked. The accompanying Book of Reference has 5 columns to provide essential information for each of the numbered plots. This includes details of the owner and occupier as well as a description of each property, with entries such as nursery garden, road and public footpath, pigsty and outbuilding.

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