Plan and Elevation of Wem Bridge, 1808

General plan of Wem bridge


with the adjacent buildings, proposed bridges, water wing walls and additions to width of street and roadway, marked red


Surveyor: Thomas TELFORD
Size: 730 mm x 530 mm. Scales: main map is 1 inch = 12 feet; the large scale plan of the bridge is ¼ inch = 1 foot; the bridge elevation is ¼ inch = 1 foot.
Shropshire Archives ref: DP 199/2

In accordance with national directives on infrastructure projects, this composite hand-drawn plan was deposited with the County Clerk of the Peace. It shows the proposed bridge to take the Wem-Shrewsbury turnpike over the River Roden on the outskirts of Wem. It has three sections. The lower third is a map covering about 100 metres from the garden of Rectory House to beyond the Mill Pool. It shows the boundaries of the adjoining properties, named as dwelling house, courtyard and malt kiln with the names of the owners/occupiers, together with the mill pool, mill and wheel. The area required for widening the road is marked. There is some tinting in blues, browns and greys to clarify the picture and a rough hachuring in pencil or pen to depict the change in slope. In the top left of the plan is a bridge elevation, showing the single span, footings and water wing walls. In the top right is a large scale plan of the bridge itself, with all measurements. The plan is accompanied by conveyance documents for the purchase of the land for the road widening, estimates of building costs and bills. There are also letters of complaint about its upkeep and surveyors’ reports from 1829 and 1841.

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