Reuben Rambler

Reuben Ramble 1848


Reuben Rambler’s Travels through the Counties of England and Wales


Cartographer: R. MILLER. Publisher: Darton and Clark
Size: 150 mm x 180 mm; actual map 70 mm x 100 mm
Shropshire Archives ref: 8077/18 and copy at CM/1/68
Cowling ‘Printed Maps of Shropshire’ 539

This map was published as part of a children’s atlas, named after an invented character. The small central maps had first been issued in 1821 in Miller’s New Miniature Atlas. In this new work for children, they were little changed except for the addition of railways and a coloured pictorial border.

All information finishes at the county boundary, except for the names of adjacent counties. Hills are not shown and rivers are depicted by single wriggly lines. Market towns and villages are named and several estates of landed gentry are depicted. However, a more important function of the map is to illustrate transport. Railways had not been built yet in Shropshire, but the principal highways and cross roads are clearly delineated and the canals are shown by a single line. Despite its small size, the map provides a clear picture. The wide border is embellished with 6 pictures designed to give children an overview of the relief (the Wrekin), farming (rural scene with cows), the history (Ludlow Castle and the Battle of Shrewsbury), industry (iron works) and mining (a coal pit).

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