FIELD NAME MAP FOR THE LIBERTIES OF OSWESTRY, based on tithe map and apportionments

Field name map of land witihin Oswestry


based on tithe map and apportionments

Surveyed in 1838. Produced in 1984

Compiler: George FOXALL
Size: 600 mm x 370 mm. Scale: 6 inches = 1 mile
SA ref: 8991/

This is one of 500 maps that cover the county. They were compiled by George Foxall, a member of the local Place Names Study Group, between 1961 and 1990. His main source was the Tithe Maps and Apportionments from which he brought together, onto one map, the plot numbers with the descriptive terms used in the schedules. Where documents from the tithe survey were not available, he investigated other resources, especially estate maps. He transferred the field names onto maps traced from the O.S. 6 inch to one mile, on which he included field boundaries, streams, roads, tracks, buildings, woodland and individual field and hedgerow trees. This basic information makes it possible to locate particular houses with confidence and these field name maps are often a good place to start a search. Much can also be inferred from the field names themselves: on the Oswestry sheet, Rushy Field or Clover Field give an indication of the quality of the land-use, while Brick Kiln Meadow suggests a former land use.

Because of the large scale, most parishes need several maps to cover the whole area. They are often of one township and the adjacent townships and parishes are labelled. This particular map covers the centre of Oswestry, where the plots were very small. To provide further detail, Foxall has included additional numbers with descriptions in a separate key, containing entries such as timber yard or even names of inns. Images of all Field Name Maps can be seen on our Secret Shropshire website: search under maps, by area or by place name.

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